My Personal Skin Care Journey: Part 1

my skin care journey, Bend, OR

cropped-flower-512.pngI had great skin while growing up. As a teenager my skin didn’t cause me any stress- it was pretty much clear and problem free.  Through my college years, I think due to stress, and probably not the best food choices I started breaking out almost all the time.  It was during that time though, I first made the connection of the more water I drank the better my skin would be.

Now, years later I can say my skin has definitely been through a lot of changes and I’ve learned some things (and still have so much more to learn) about my skin and how it is affected by whatever is going on through my life: stress, what I choose to eat and drink, and what I put on my skin.

I share all this for many reasons:  I don’t know if I’ll ever have the perfect skin that I had when I was a teen, but I’ve learned to love and accept myself through life’s changes while still wanting to help improve and care for my skin/body the best I can.  This is also why I became an esthetician. If I can help others find that same balance of acceptance and caring for their skin and giving the tools/information that make a positive difference, I’m happy.