What to expect from my style of massage


Have you ever had a massage where you thought, “I wish they could give me more pressure” or “I wish this massage was more relaxing…” Well I want to give you a sense of the style of my massages so you’ll know what to expect.

My Massage Style

I would define my massage style as a light to medium handed swedish massage.  I am typically a gentle and soft person and that tends to come through my massage. I will use more pressure on areas that I find are “tighter or knotted up;” I don’t like to or tend to make people sore. If you want to be sore from your massage, I would not recommend coming to me. I will try to work on areas of concern as I find them, but I still tend to do that gently. My goal as your massage therapist is to leave you feeling pampered, relaxed, and hopefully with less muscular tension than before.